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Where do those lint fibers in the dryer lint trap come from? Left with a handful of lint fibers after drying your clothes you can’t help but ask, what just happened in that clothes dryer and, what just happened to the great fit I loved?

Mission The mission of Secadora Hanger is to preserve the fit, form and finish of your clothing while eliminating the need to usea dryer appliance. Clothes retain their shape and material quality while preserving the environment and saving money.

Drying Hanger Easily dry your long sleeve dress shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies. Great air flow for fast and simple drying. Reduces wrinkles and eliminates shoulder bumps. Includes a rotating hook and space saving cascading hook. Made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic.

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Secadora Drying Hanger

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Drying Hanger for long and short sleeve shirts. Gently and quickly air drying clothes to preserve the comfort and fit. Air dry and energy efficient.


SECADORA is a veteran-owned, Wisconsin-based company. Established in 20xx, Secadora's inventor, Jack G., created a product to solve a very simple problem. Air drying your delicate and long lasting clothes with the least amount of wrinkles while maintaining the comfort & fit.

Fresh clothes, like a spring breeze, is how his mother did it in the backyard all those years ago. We hope you enjoy our products for years to come.